Sarah Christie

Sarah Christie

  • Kitchener Mayor's Message to Post Secondary Students About Halloween

    We're still weeks away from Halloween, but we're already curious about what it might look like! Kitchener Mayor, Berry Vrbanovic told us what we can all actively do to make sure we have a safe Halloween. (He also included a message for students who just moved back to the area for post secondary) - Sarah Christie See for privacy information.
  • Mayor Dave Jaworsky Talks About if Halloween is on in Waterloo

    Although it's September, A LOT of us are wondering what Halloween will look like this year! Waterloo Mayor, Dave Jaworsky, joined Sarah Christie to talk about what Halloween will look like this year for the city.  See for privacy information.
  • Dentists Warn Against TikTok Teeth Whitening Trend

    Tiktok is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the place we should be going to for medical advice! A new teeth whitening trend has dentists warning users that it's dangerous and can lead to gum damage + tooth loss!!!! - Sarah Christie See for privacy information.
  • Dear 100 People Who Attended a Waterloo House Party

    Three people have been charged after throwing a party on Hickory St. in Waterloo with over 100 guests. Since SO many new students just moved to the area, Sarah Christie decided she'd introduce them to Waterloo!  See for privacy information.
  • Tips From a Listener on Qualifying for Destroy Your Debt

    Have you heard we're giving away $100,000 with Destroy Your Debt? Lyndsay was one of our lucky qualifiers and shared her advice on how she managed to qualify! Good luck! Contest details here!
  • Tyler Shaw on Cooking, Baby Names and TV Dads

    During quarantine, Tyler Shaw took to his Instagram for some cooking lessons with famous chefs! We caught up with the singer and asked him what his go-to quarantine recipes are. PLUS, Tyler Shaw is expecting his first child in December. Listen to the interview to find out which baby name he isn't on board with and which TV Dad he's most like. - Sarah Christie