Sarah Christie

Sarah Christie

  • Interview with Juno Nominated Neon Dreams

    Neon Dreams were recently nominated for "Breakthrough Artist of the Year" at the JUNOS! They told Sarah Christie who the first person they called was after being nominated, how their new single "Turn Back Now" was inspired by Frank's mom and their interesting first jobs in Halifax! 

  • Interview with Princesses Don't Cry Singer, CARYS

    Carys is the mastermind behind the female empowerment song, Princesses Don’t Cry! She dropped by the studio and chatted with Sarah Christie about her early obsession with Peter Pan, her cat Artie, how she can make herself cry and the story behind “Princesses Don’t Cry!”

  • Interview with Ryland James

    Ryland James just released his new single, Shoulder to Cry On! Before his concert in Waterloo, he caught up with Sarah Christie and talked about writing the song, why he brings a toy sloth with him when he travels and how to survive a music festival!

  • Sarah Christie Asks if You Actually Know the Lyrics to Lose Yourself

    Do you actually know the lyrics to Lose Yourself - Eminem? He did a surprise performance at the Oscars, and Sarah Christie is convinced we can't sing along past "Moms spaghetti." So, talented people around KW called in and proved her so VERY wrong! Listen to the clip to hear them spit classic Eminem rhymes! 

  • Interview: Waterloo Region Crossing in Support of the Working Centre

    This weekend (Feb 8 & 9), over 100 people will trek across the region - 65km to be exact - in support of the Working Centre in downtown, Kitchener! Trek Director, Tessa Jennison talked about how the Working Centre supports the region, what the donations will support, and how you can still donate in the interview with Sarah Christie!

  • The Story of Bachelor Peter who Still Has Christmas Lights Up

    Do you still have your Christmas lights up? You aren't alone! While driving around Kitchener-Waterloo, I noticed so many homes still have their lights out and lit. So, here is a story about a man named Peter who wouldn't take down his Christmas lights (using clips from a recent episode of "The Bachelor")