Sarah Christie

Sarah Christie
  • Justin Bieber Owes a Virgin Radio Listener Money

    We know it's fairly common to hear Justin Bieber related stories since he grew up near Kitchener-Waterloo. However, this story about Justin Bieber owing a listener money is definitely a unique one!!! We asked "what's your weakest claim to fame," and this was Tanya from Stratford's response. - Sarah Christie 
  • A Guelph Company Turns Beer Waste and Fish Poop into new Meals

    Provision Coalition Inc. is a team of food industry sustainability experts who are on a mission to create food and drinks that don’t destroy our planet! **bows down** Their team has figured out a way to upcycle food waste and give it new life in the form of another meal – ultimately preventing food waste! Cher Mereweather, the President and CEO of Provision Coalition, joined me to explain how Re(PURPOSE) has created a circular food program in Guelph, what exactly a circular food program is and how they’re turning waste into meals! – Sarah [pic via @brookelark]
  • Interview with Johnny Orlando

    Johnny Orlando just released his EP, It's Never Really Over! On release day, we caught up and chatted about how loud he plays music in his car, what he's learned from growing up with 3 sisters, what song he's most excited for fans to hear and if he plans to release a Christmas song. PLUS, check out the interview for what colour Johnny Orlando thinks Billie Eilish's mint + white / pink + white Nike shoes are!
  • Pros And Cons List For Throwing a Party During the Pandemic

    Someone in Waterloo threw a house party with 25-30 guests. The organizer was just fined $750 by police for not following our current bylaw. If you know someone pondering a party, this pros and cons list might help! Stay safe out there! :)
  • The Funniest Text Message from Sarah's Mom

    Ever tried explaining technology to your parents? It wasn't working out in my Mom's favour when she tried to order me a surprise gift. Listen to the clip to find out why I might be charged for something my Mom tried to surprise me with...Yep, still laughing! [pic via @jaehunpark]
  • Lucy Sphincter Talks A Hilarious Night Of Boo-Lesque & Drag in Kitchener

    Lucy Sphincter is part of a local Burlesque trio called Vixens and Tease! On October 29th, they're hosting a super fun event at Apollo Cinema called "A Hilarious Night of Boo-Lesque & Drag."  If you can't make it to the Apollo, you can also watch online! Check out the interview to find out what kind of performances to expect, all of the prizes that you can WIN, and how the entire event supports our local community in KW! [pic via the event's Facebook Page]