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Rae's Ray of Sunshine

We loving sharing with you Rae's Ray of Sunshine but we also want to share your Ray of Sunshine! Submit a story below and listen during Cash&Rae in the mornings and the next Rae's Ray of Sunshine could be yours! Sponsored by Healthy Planet!

  • Cash & Rae The Podcast Ep. 5

    Today on the show: Google introduced a new feature, it's the coolest new feature since since Google started. It got us wondering, whats the best new feature on your phone in the last 10 years? Cash got GHOSTED by a woman he met on Tinder. At what point in a relationship do you owe someone an explanation? We spoke to a woman who was ghosted by the man she married, only 10 days after their honeymoon! Our 'Ray Of Sunshine' is a 14 year old who won $25 000 for her Covid-19 research. We spoke the the man who is into "sandwich futures". He literally buys specialty items from fast food menus, then freezes them and re sells them when the restaurant runs out. He actually got $70 for more than one item! We called Susan Shantz who is retiring after 39 years of working in the family birthing unit at Guelph General Hospital, we had a very special request to play for her! All that and more, thanks for listening! 
  • Cash & Rae The Podcast Ep 4

    In case you missed it: On the show today Cash went back to the gym for the 1st time in months, and things didn't go well. A female boat captain shut down a sexist internet troll in the funniest way possible. We talked about the foods you HATED as a kid, but learned to love as an adult, and all the weird food combinations you ate as a kid you would never touch today. 'Trending With Rae': Justin Bieber's custom crocs went on sale, and the online sale was a mess. Shawn Mendes announced a new documentary. Selena Gomez is producing a new horror movie. Niall Horan announced a lifestream concert, but are people willing to pay for a virtual concert? - we did and unscientific survey. The Bachelorette premiered this week and Claire Crawley thinks she already met her future husband so it got us thinking, do YOU believe in love at first sight? We played a game of 'Guess The Sound'. We got a couple of people one step closer to the ultimate travel experience with 'More Fun In 21'. Our 'Deep Thoughts' were about reality show ideas, people who don't use their signal when turning, and day dreaming. Sarah the teacher was crowned the smartest person in KW with 'Who Want's To Be A Millionaire'. The 'Ray Of Sunshine' was about a community that came together to help a veteran who couldn't make it to doctors appointments. In 'The Cash Files' Kraft's Send Noods campaign had to be cancelled. A woman lost her engagement ring while trying to play with her dog. And a little girl with a "magnetic personality"... literally.  Thanks for listening! 
  • Cash & Rae The Podcast Ep. 3

    Today on the show we talked about Chris Evans' infamous accident 'd*** pic', do we think that he uploaded it on purpose so he could encourage people to vote? We had a cougar sighting in KW a couple of weeks ago, and sure that was scary, but we found a video of a guy who was being stalked by a cougar for over 6 minutes, and it's TERRIFYING. We had a spelling error with our 'More Fun In 21' contest and turns out it was a case of BABY BRAIN, so we talked about your baby brain symptoms! Parent's don't get enough credit! Rae wasn't buying one of Cash's 'Deep Thoughts'. Brittney won the ultimate spa package, AND we announced a new ultimate travel experience with 'More Fun In 21'. 11 year old Haley tried her hand with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Your Ray Of Sunshine was about a woman who gave birth WHILE she was taking the two day bar exam. Trending With Rae; Kanye West released his first presidential ad campaign, Netflix bought the rights to Elf On A Shelf, Max Ehrich is releasing a breakup song about Demi Lovato on Friday, a local business is closing its doors because of covid-19, actors are suing CBS because of a dangerous 'guerrilla style' scene, and Ryan Reynolds trolled Hugh Jackman while wishing him Happy Birthday. In the Cash Files; A woman who drove into a pond at a golf course, teachers were caught bad mouthing students after an online class & people were accidentally spoiling their ballots in the US. All that and more! Thanks for listening! 
  • Cash & Rae The Podcast Ep 2

    Today on the show we talked about the top 10 Halloween movie favourites, and of course argued about whether ghosts are real or not. We actually had someone who called with a conspiracy theory about Freddie from Nightmare On Elm Street. Tyra Banks pulled a Steve Harvey and messed up HUGE on Dancing With The Stars. We had the Ray Of Sunshine, it was all about a local family who helped out at a farm outside of Guelph. Trending With Rae; The Price Is Right will start filming again, but a new change will be a first for show. The audience for SNL got a nice surprise. Facebook is cracking down on misinformation. There's a new Monopoly being released based on a Christmas movie and Shawn Mendes is talking about those rumours about a collaboration with Justin Bieber. Two people are closer to having #MoreFunIn21. In the Cash Files we talked about chastity belts, prison staff are facing charges, and a printer toner thief. And Kraft Mac and Cheese wants you to #SendNoods.
  • Cash & Rae Catchup

    In case you missed Mondays show, we're here to catch you up! In the Cash Files; drug dealers who were a little TOO good at their job. We talked about television, is conventional TV over? Think about it, when is the last time you knew what time your favourite show was on then made yourself an appointment to watch it? Trending with Rae one of the members of One Direction could be up for the role of 007, now we know why Noah was kicked off Love Island, and Rick Moranis was assaulted in NYC. 
  • #DeepThoughts: Physics, Pillows & Empty Rooms

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