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Rae's Ray of Sunshine

We loving sharing with you Rae's Ray of Sunshine but we also want to share your Ray of Sunshine! Submit a story below and listen during Cash&Rae in the mornings and the next Rae's Ray of Sunshine could be yours! Sponsored by Healthy Planet!

  • Age Gap Podcast: Social Distance Safe Games to Play At School

    Think about the games you played when you were in school - would you be able to play them during a pandemic? Cash & Rae and Sarah Christie try to figure out if any of their childhood memories would hold up during this pandemic. PLUS, if you don't have kids, is Disney+ a must or just a fad??? Also, did you know Rae loves Star Trek? Neither did we! 
  • It's Easy To See Why Lucas Downing Is A Ray Of Sunshine

    We got an email this month from David Downing, who wanted to tell us about his incredible son Lucas.  Lucas started growing his hair in support of cancer treatment when he was only 10 years old.  For the next 10 years Lucas dedicated his life to making the lives of people with cancer just a little bit brighter.  Sadly, Lucas passed away just two days before his 20th birthday.  David has a message for us about how we can keep Lucas' positive message alive.  
  • Monday Deep Thoughts with #CashAndRae

    We like to start your day with some deep thoughts, share yours by texting 1-1053! 
  • This Is Having Coronavirus Feels Like From An Actually Doctor Who Has It.

    There has been a lot of talk about coronavirus, and a lot of it is misinformation being spread. 

    Today on the show we heard from a doctor who actually got coronavirus, and she described what it feels like, and how the virus progressed. 

    We had a little fun too! We gave away tickets to see Lady Gaga in Toronto (the show is not until August!). 

    Thanks for listening! 

  • If KW Named Their Pet After The Thing They Love

    Today on the show we talked about a research program where they will actually pay you to be infected with coronavirus... a surprising number of people would say YES. 

    And we tackled the hard hitting subjects. If you named your pet after the thing they love most, what would it be? 

  • Is This Relationship Ultimatum Going Too Far

    Today on the show we talked about Madison from The Bachelors ultimatum. Was this too much to ask?

    Ryan Reynolds celebrated the leap day with an 84 year old woman who had her firs legal* drink. 

    And if we get more terrible weather, you can blame us...