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Rae's Ray of Sunshine

We loving sharing with you Rae's Ray of Sunshine but we also want to share your Ray of Sunshine! Submit a story below and listen during Cash&Rae in the mornings and the next Rae's Ray of Sunshine could be yours! Sponsored by Healthy Planet!

  • Kitchener Woman Discovers Family Secret After Online Ancestry DNA Test.

    Online ancestry DNA kits can be very cool but sometimes they can uncover some pretty big family secrets. This woman's grandmother has been hiding not one, but FIVE huge secrets from her family, and the reason they can't confront her about it is just as juicy! 
  • Every Kids Dream Job Is Right Here In Cambridge!

    We've all heard the saying "like a kid in a candy shop"... but now you can be like and adult in a candy shop, and get paid for it! There is a candy store in Cambridge that is actually hiring candyologists, to try over 3000 different varieties of candy. 
  • A Kitchener Resident Found The Creepiest Thing EVER Hidden Behind The Walls During A Reno

    It's moving day at the White House! Whenever people move, or do a renovation on a new home there is always something left behind by the previous tenant. Sometimes it's a piece of history, sometimes it's valuable, sometimes it's R rated, and sometimes it makes you want to call a priest.  This Kitchener resident had one of the creepiest discoveries we have ever heard of lurking behind the walls of his new home. 
  • Kitchener Reporter Deals With Vulgar Heckler, Time For The FHRITP Trend To END

    Since 2014 female reporters all over the world have dealt with the vulgar FHRITP heckle. Today, it happened to a local reporter here in KW.  "This is not funny and it’s not cool. As much as I’d love to say it doesn’t bother me, it does. It makes me feel like sh*t. Especially as VJ who is always alone. This still happens to female reporters everywhere and it needs to stop."
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 28

    On the show today: Someone remixed a cat into a Disturbed song and it's actually amazing. Charles Barkley suggested that professional athletes should get the covid vaccine first, but the reason why doesn't make a ton of sense. In 'The Cash Files' we had a mother who thinks cribs are cruel, a thief who yelled at the owner of the car he was trying to steal, and glitter is being used as revenge. We had the things that you should never consume on an airplane. We talked about frustrating exchanges that you have had with customers at work. 'Trending With Rae' Jamie Lynn Spears blames Elon Musk for the death of her cats, Caitlyn Jenner is in talks to join the Sex And The City reboot, Jessica Alba has a hack for making sure her kids focus during online learning, fans want the Jeopardy stage named after Alex Trebek, and Dr Dre is out of the hospital and back in the studio. All that and more, thanks for listening! 
  • Cash And Rae The Podcast Ep. 27

    Jimmy Fallon is having a rough time with ratings on The Tonight Show. In 'The Cash Files' another swingers party was broken up by police, a man is 2 password guesses away from losing hundreds of millions of dollars, and a pro marijuana group is giving away free weed to people who get the corona vaccine. A lot of times it makes sense to save money on something by getting the generic brand, but we wanted to know those products that you are always willing to pay more for the name brand. We're hours away from another stay at home order... but people seem to be confused about exactly what that means. Our 'Deep Thoughts' were about hiccups, getting fast food alone, and the word hawks backwards. Today Rae made good on her promise to taste test dog food, and the results were surprising. 'Trending With Rae' Dustin Diamond from Saved By The Bell is in the hospital, a video of a young Ed Sheeran trying to dance is going viral, Bruce Willis was kicked out of a pharmacy, we had a list of the most streamed movies of 2020, Kim Kardashian is fuelling rumours that she and Kanye are breaking up, and Ricky Gervais turned down an opportunity to go to space. All that and more, thanks for listening!