Swans Otis and Ophelia making their return to Victoria Park

A famous pair of swans will soon be making their return to Kitchener’s Victoria Park.

Otis and Ophelia were among two dozen other swans being kept in Stratford over the winter months.

On Tuesday, the other swans were released to the Avon River in the annual parade.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the event originally scheduled for April 5 drew little fanfare.

Now “A Proud Swan Society” continues to look after the famous pair and says they’re happy to see Kitchener residents share their appreciation for the birds.

“We’ve had people from Kitchener come here and visit and wonder which ones are Otis and Ophellia,” said John Brooks of the City of Stratford. “I mean, I heard they’re making shirts with Otis on them so that’s good to see.”

Marketing duo Robin Lindner and Elaine Decleir, co-founders of “KWFamous”, also founded an “Otis the Swan” line of products.

“I think at this moment everyone is reading bad news, and the fact that these silly swans are coming back to the park is just a breath of fresh air,” said Lindner.

Otis and Ophelia will be picked up in Stratford around 8 a.m. on Thursday and can be seen in Victoria Park later that day.

“Social distancing with swans is the prime example of how far away you should stay from people,” said Decleir.