Your Horoscope For Friday June 17th

  • Aries – Jupiter is in your Twelfth House (of Soul Growth &. Undoing and Privacy & Secret) bringing to light some insecurities you’ve been hiding from for some time now. You’ll be able to face them and grow from them for the future. Embrace this journey you’re on and you’ll be able to tackle this new feeling this weekend, and you’ll be better equipped for the week.  Your day is a 9.  Your energy color is blue.
  • Taurus – Uranus is going to be in your Sixth House (of Work and Health) helping you make progress in your most needed areas, especially your career. Take full advantage of your weekend to make lists, weigh the pros and cons, and even come up with new careers for yourself. You’ll be in a better mind set and ready to tackle the coming week.  Your day is a 7. Your energy color is yellow.
  • Gemini – The Moon is in your Fourth House (of Family, Home, Roots and Security) making it harder for you to get up and get ready for the day. Instead of forcing a good mood, spend this weekend trying to connect with some close friends or family to help lift your spirits. They will give you the pick me up that you need to tackle in the new week. Your day is a 9. Your energy color is white.
  • Cancer – You’re at kind of a standstill when it comes to work right now; take a second to breathe and be patient. Saturn is in your Fifth House (of Self-Expression, Creativity, Pleasure and Romance) to inspire you to think outside the box. So, take today and this weekend to think things through. Once you do, and come to a decision, you’ll be successful. Your day is a 10.  Your energy color is green.
  • Leo – Jupiter is in your Eighth House (of Transformation and Sexuality) causing you to look into your past and see how you can grow from it. You’re going to have to let go once and for all. Take care of your business today, and this weekend go back to the drawing board and make a game plan. The coming weeks are powerful for taking charge of your emotional health and it starts now.  Your day is a 9. Your energy color is red.
  • Virgo – You’ve been handed this amazing opportunity, but before you take it think about what is at stake. Take time today and this weekend to reflect on this. Is this going to make you forget about your morals and beliefs”  Allow Pluto to work some magic as it’s going to be in your Ninth House (of Belief Systems and Higher Learning). Your day is a 5. Your energy color is purple.
  • Libra – Stop trying to prove yourself to people around you, you’re an amazing person and anybody who doesn’t see that isn’t worth your time and energy. Plan something fun this weekend with those who truly love and respect you! Neptune is in your Second House (of Self-Worth and Money) to remind you just how lucky people are to have you in their life. Your day is a 6.  Your energy color is rose gold.
  • Scorpio – Saturn is in your Tenth House (of Career, Profession and Responsibility) helping you see the positive in your huge workload. Sure, it seems like a lot, but you have the means to get it done ASAP. And, once you complete everything on your plate, you’ll have the weekend to relax and relish in the fact that you got everything done. Your day is a 9.  Your energy color is brown.
  • Sagittarius – Today is a good day to look at your relationships. Neptune is in your Seventh House (of Partnership and Marriage) to help give you an honest perception. Think about where you want to go in life and start this weekend by spending some quality time with your person. The time you spend with them this weekend will set the mood for the weeks to come.  Your day is a 6. Your energy color is maroon.
  • Capricorn –Mercury is in your First House (of Self-Image) and is going to have you walking on cloud nine. It seems like nothing can bring you down, and you’re right, you’re in a great mind space. Take full advantage of this day and take it into the weekend. Make sure you live this weekend to the fullest.  Your energy color is pink. Your day is a 10.
  • Aquarius – Mercury is in your Third House (of Communication) giving you the confidence you need to get through this uneasy conversation you must have today. Don’t worry, after you have this conversation and everything is said, you’ll be able to enjoy your weekend and you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted from you. Your day is a 6.  Your energy color is orange.
  • Pisces – Life is speeding up as if it’s nudging you to take a few risks, make changes and take new paths that you haven't thought about taking before. This shift of Jupiter is affecting your Eleventh House (of Aspirations and Personal Goals)  and this is going to be scary for you, but you will so much better after you take the first step. This weekend will be a good time to start because you’ll be able to focus on it.  Your day is a 5.  Your energy color is black.