Your Horoscope For Wednesday June 15th



  • Aries – Pluto is heading to your Sixth House (of Work and Health) and you’re going to pay close attention to your daily routines, health and work. With this new focus on your life, you’ll be able to accomplish more than ever before. Your day is a 10. Your energy color is white.
  • Taurus – This is the time to plan your goals and reconsider your future. Mars is in your Eleventh House (of Aspirations and Personal Goals) to guide you to make the right choices to ensure you’re going to be happy in the long run. Your day is an 8.  Your energy color is green.
  • Gemini – The Moon enters your Seventh House (of Partnership and Marriage) helping you find the way to communicate with your partner so you can find your way back to the glory days. Remember to pay attention to their love language and use that to your advantage. Your day is a 10.  Your energy color is orange.
  • Cancer – The Moon is in your First House (of Self-Image) making it easy to feel good about yourself and your relationships today. Take this energy and put it towards doing something good for your community during a time like this.  Your day is an 8.  Your energy color is pink.
  • Leo – You’re at odds with your family, but make sure you don’t take that energy to your friends, co-workers or partner. Pluto is in your Fourth House (of Family, Home, Roots and Security) to help you during this time. After you realize what the issue is, have a calm sit down with your family and express yourself to them. Your day is a 6. Your energy color is rose gold.
  • Virgo – It’s time for you to step off your thrown of queen petty and allow bygones to be bygones. Jupiter is in your Twelfth House (of Soul Growth & Undoing, Privacy & Secret) to help you let go of everything that you’ve been holding on to. It’s going to take some time, but it will be so worth it in the end! Your day is a 6.  Your energy color is maroon.
  • Libra – The Moon is in your Second House (of Self-Worth and Money) putting you in good shape for sniffing out overlooked assets and making all your money worries a thing of the past. You’ll discover new ways to boost your comfort, but don’t get too comfortable because you don’t want to take it for granted. Your day is an 8. Your energy color is yellow.
  • Scorpio – You can expect to make some progress in your goals today, with The Moon in your Eighth House (of Transformation and Sexuality). If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your tasks, ask for some help. You’re going to realize you don’t have to tackle everything on your own. Your day is a 6. Your energy color is blue.
  • Sagittarius – You’re thinking about a lot that’s going on in your life, and you’re not sure how to deal with everything. You’re going to have to talk to your close friends, and with Mercury in your Third House (of Communication) it will help you do it in a healthy way. Your day is a 5. Your energy color is red.
  • Capricorn – Press the pause button on this new relationship that’s brewing. It’s all smoke and mirrors and you’re blinded right now. But with Mars in your Ninth House (of Belief Systems and Higher Learning) you’re going to finally listen to your gut and walk away.  Your day is a 7. Your energy color is brown.
  • Aquarius – Instead of focusing on work allow Mercury in your Fifth House (of Self-Expression, Creativity, Pleasure and Romance) to do its magic and give you the ability to let loose. This is going to be a major change for you, but you’ll learn to go with the flow. Your day is a 9. Your energy color is yellow.
  • Pisces – You could get a second chance or new look at something important to you, now that you’re in a better head space. Pluto is in your Tenth House (of Career, Profession and Responsibility) giving you the confidence to go down this journey.  Your day is a 7. Your energy color is black.