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Future Star - Max Parker

We are excited to announce that Max Parker is our Future Star! Check him out.

In order to reconnect with cyclists of all ages and allow them to (re)experience the Tour de l’Île de Montréal and the Tour la Nuit, the Go Bike Montréal Festival is impatient to roll out new versions of its events, presented exceptionally this year in August. The experience will definitely be different, but the joy of pedalling through car-free streets will be as magical as ever.

  • Tour la Nuit

    Tour la Nuit | Friday, August 27
    A magical evening under the stars. Get out your colourful lights and costumes to joyfully illuminate the Montréal night by bike.
  • Tour de l’Île de Montréal

    Sunday, August 29
    Let’s pedal through the streets of a car-free city as part of a joyful procession of carefree cyclists. A dream Sunday by bike.

We invite you to buy locally! Today’s current situation with COVID-19 affects Quebec’s entire population. Certain companies in the province have put forth special services and modified their business approach to help everyone get through this difficult time. And now you too can show your support by encouraging these local businesses and markets. Together, we can make a difference. Find local offers from some of your favourite companies here:


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