• Epiderma offers beauty essentials online!

    Do you have any questions regarding our treatments or the products to incorporate into your beauty routine at home? Schedule a free phone call by completing this form. ( ) This spring, the essentials for a healthy beauty routine can be found in our online store. Take advantage of the promotions on our major brands! ( As an umbrella brand, Medicart owns the 29 Epiderma Clinics, the Medicart Esthetic Dermatology Clinic, the Medicart Phlebology Clinic and the Dr. Beaupré’s Vein Clinic.
  • Boutique Seduction invites you to shop online!

    Boutique Seduction invites you to support our local economy during this hard time. With the borders closed, it's the perfect time to discover new boundaries. Shop online!
  • How can Home Care Assistance help you?

    A caregiver can be a tremendous source of support for seniors as they age. Home Care Assistance caregivers always provide support for all activities of daily living.