Vinny & Shannon's HumDing!

PROMCR-3497 Virgin_Vinny & Shannon's Humding_PPM

You know those people who hum along to songs while wearing headphones? What if being able to indentify "hummed" songs could earn you money?  

95.9 Virgin Radio presents VINNY & SHANNON'S HUMDING! 


Play every weekday at 7:00, 8:00, 11:00, AND 3:00 to win CASH! 

Vinny or Shannon will hum 10 seconds of a hit song, followed by the sound of a bell (ding!)

You'll then have 5 seconds to tell us the title of the song to win cash. Get it? They hum, then the ding... HumDing!

Text us at 99999 
and correctly identify the song being hummed by telling us the title.
Get it right and you win the jackpot! 

If you don't know the song, no problem! You can try again later and $100 will go into the jackpot.

Listen for your shot to play Vinny & Shannon's HumDing!

From 95.9 Virgin Radio