Feel It On The 1st

Self-exams means more early detections.

95.9 Virgin Radio wants to remind YOU to feel it on the 1st! More women are doing self-exams and more self-exams means more early breast cancer detections! For how-to’s on self exams, or for more info visit RubanRose.org.



Some survival statistics

  • Statistics show that an early detection improves the chances of survival and access to more effective treatments.
  • Mortality rates due to breast cancer have been steadily decreasing since the mid-1980s. In fact, the age-standardized mortality rate has fallen by 40% since 1986. The five-year survival rate is currently 88% for women and 80% for men.

This reduction can be explained, among other things, by earlier diagnosis, in particular through the Québec Breast Cancer Screening Program (PQDCS). Moreover, treatments for breast cancer are getting better and better because of research programs.