DIY Project: Vertical Ladder Planter


Whether you have a small outdoor space, or just want to create a space for more plants, here is a fun DIY challenge: a vertical ladder planter!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Two x 6 foot high (2 inch x 7 inch) wooden boards * (referred to as sideboards)

  • Twelve x rectangular wooden boards (20 inch x 6 inch x 1 inch ) *

  • Eight x trapeze wooden boards ( 6 inch (top) x 4 inch (bottom)) *

  • Measuring tape

  • Drill

  • Approx. 100 screws **

  • Electric saw

  • Pencil

  • Level

  • Paint stain (optional)

* May vary depending of the space you have

** The length you will need depends of the thickness of your wood


  1. Cut and angle your large boards:

    With a pen, draw a vertical line on both of the larger boards. By using the saw at approximately 15°, cut your angles along both sideboards. Note that you may need to adjust the angles; what is important is that the top of your sideboards lean flat against the wall.


  2. Assemble the four smaller, rectangular plant boxes:

    Drill the sides together, starting with the bottom base. Screw one of the longer pieces first, then the two smaller sidepieces, and the last longer piece at the front of the box.

  3. Where to put your smaller plant boxes:

    Using a pencil and a measuring tape, determine where you will screw your boxes on the sideboards. Make sure they are evenly separated.  

  4. Attaching your plant boxes to a sideboard:

    Using the drill, screw one side of the boxes (using at least 2 screws per box) to your sideboards. To facilitate this step, place the 4 boxes on their side on the ground and lay a sideboard on top of them.  

  5. Attaching the other sideboard:

    Once step 4 is complete, put the structure vertically against a wall, and screw in the other sideboard. Use a level to make sure that the boxes are installed evenly.


  6. Paint:

    If you want, now would be the time to apply a wood paint stain. Give it some time to dry.

  7. Planting:

    You are ready to plant your garden in your vertical ladder planter! Don’t forget to place some gravel or argyle pellets at the bottom of your boxes to avoid water buildup, which would risk hurting your plants and herbs.