We Recommend: YouTube Channels



There’s something for everyone on the list - with genres ranging from comedy, to educational documentaries, to celebrity interviews and beyond.

Let’s get started.


Celebrity interviews with a comedic touch:

Channel: First We Feast (HOT ONES) 

Recommended by: Lee, Host


“On Hot Ones, celebrities are interviewed while eating crazy hot chicken wings. So entertaining!!!! The host asks amazing questions, so you actually learn new things about your favourite celebrities. Plus - you see them in pain from the stupid spicy sauce.” -Lee



A local YouTuber:

Channel: Emilia Fart

Recommended by: Mel W, Virgin digital team


“Her videos are funny, honest, and often leave you with something to think about.” - Mel

Enjoy this video of her dying her hair blue in the metro! 



Discover New Artists:

Channel: COLORS

Recommended by: Shannon, Host


"This is THE SPOT to find new music!” - Shannon New and emerging artists introduce themselves to the world in this colorful box, where they hope to engage viewers to check out their music and support them. Talent from all over the world perform original music, and this featured clip sees Doja Cat perform her hit “Juicy.” 



Short-form documentary:

Channel: Wendover Productions

Recommended by: Tyler, Host


"Host Sam Denby creates short videos on how things work. From the economics of gambling to the logistics of elections.” - Tyler

From videos uncovering the world of ski resorts (linked above), to why airlines go bankrupt, to the logistics for how the Avengers movies were made - check out this channel for more!



Technology reviews:

Channel: Marques Brownlee

Recommended by: Lee, Host


“I’m such a nerd when it comes to phones and technology. I love gadgets. This guy reviews everything and I value his opinion. He knows his stuff and is super entertaining to watch! Whenever any new product comes out, I get his opinion before I go buy it.” - Lee



Will Smith (yes, THE Will Smith): 

Channel: Will Smith 

Recommended by: Adam, Host


“Pretty self explanatory. Will Smith is the man! He talks a lot about family and motivation.” - Adam 

From videos with his famous family, to fun videos with his celebrity friends (like the one with Tom Holland above) - his channel will inspire you, make you laugh, and give you a look into the actor’s interesting life. 



Social experiments:

Channel: Jubilee

Recommended by: Shannon, Host


"You WILL find something you love on this channel. A debate between a flat-earther and a scientist, or an adoptee vs birth parents, or an interview with a 25-year-old millionaire, etc.”




Channel: Peter McKinnon

Recommended: Adam, Host


“Great photo/videographer from Toronto who always shows cool tricks and tips on how he does things.” - Adam

For anyone who likes photography, videography, and the latest camera gear, this channel is one to check out.



And there you have it, these are some great YouTube channels to check out for hours and hours of content!