Adam Levine, Aaron Carter Slammed For New Looks


Singers Adam Levine and Aaron Carter made choices last week that have left many fans scratching their heads.

Levine, the 40-year-old frontman for Maroon 5, debuted a daring ‘do that he dubbed a “corn hawk.” It consisted of three bleach-blond cornrows on top of his head, which was shaved on the sides. 

On social media, reactions ranged from critical (“Who told him that this was a good idea? WHO?!”) to concerned (“I am just worried this is a midlife crisis … We are here for you”).

Some pointed out it’s much a ‘do about a nothing. “It’s hair!!! It will grow back,” one fan opined. “What’s the big deal?”

Carter, meanwhile, made a much more dramatic life choice. The troubled 31-year-old pop singer showed off new face tattoos.

The new ink includes an image of the mythological Greek monster Medusa on the left side of his face and what appears to be the word “love” on his cheek.

On Instagram, Carter captioned one photo of the new tats: "IM THE BIGGEST THING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW. I CANT BE DENIED. FACT CHECK ME.”

While there are many critiques of the quality of the new tattoo, most comments express concern about Carter’s mental health. One person wrote: “You badly need help!!”

Carter, who is currently embroiled in family drama, has been adding tattoos to his body in recent years, including a neck tattoo in 2016.

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