WATCH: Jonas Brothers Get Personal In Toronto


The Jonas Brothers know what it’s like to be No. 1 – but Nick recently revealed that numer one (or number two) is the last thing each of them does before they start their show every night.

“We do wait to the very last second to do our restroom break,” he revealed during a recent exclusive Q&A session for iHeartRadio. “It’s a long show.”

The pop trio answered questions about life on the road (“We’re having a good time,” said Nick ), including how Kevin felt about having his kids with him in the early days of the tour (“It’s been wonderful to have them every day and spend time with them and wake up in a new city and get to explore”) and what it was like for Joe to celebrate his 30th birthday performing during a stop in Washington D.C. (“I was doing what I love so I feel very blessed and happy that I was able to turn 30 on stage”).

The Jonas Brothers admitted they are big fans of Toronto, which was their home base when they filmed Camp Rock in and around Haliburton, Ont. in 2007 and its sequel in 2009. Nick also praised the “very kind” people of the city as well as its “beautiful views.”

Joe Jonas runs in Toronto in September 2009, during a break from filming Camp Rock. John R. Kennedy /

All three brothers agreed one of their favourite things about Toronto is local restaurant chain Fresh. “None of us are vegan but they have this really great BBQ burger,” said Nick. The $18 grain burger comes with bbq sauce, quinoa onion rings, garlic mayo, napa cabbage, banana chilies, tomato and lettuce.

Their guilty pleasure food while in Canada, though, originates a little further east of Toronto: Poutine. (The Jonas Brothers can get their fill when they play Montreal's Bell Centre on Nov. 27.)

Asked which one of them is most likely to forget lyrics to their songs, all three agreed it’s Joe. In fact, they revealed there’s a TelePrompTer with the lyrics in front of Joe at every show.

Watch the whole exclusive Q&A below:

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