Bad Bunny Performs Concert In Streets Of NYC


Bad Bunny took a page from U2 and The Rolling Stones by performing Sunday on a truck driving the streets of New York City.

The Puerto Rican artist literally stopped traffic and also drew more than a million viewers during a live-stream of the two-hour show.

“It was difficult for me to do a concert without an audience,” said Bunny, whose real name is Benito Ocasio. “But I’m accepting the new reality and I hope people enjoy this. We need it.”

The flatbed, dressed up to look like a subway train, left Yankee Stadium and rolled through the Bronx and Washington Heights before stopping in front of Harlem Hospital, where the 26-year-old thanked health care workers and performed “Yo Perreo Sola.”

In 2004, U2 performed “All Because of You” on a flatbed truck as it drove through New York City for the song’s video. The Rolling Stones promoted a tour in 1975 by performing on a flatbed rolling along New York’s Fifth Avenue.

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