Charli XCX Calls Out Sexism In Music Industry


Charli XCX called out sexism and spoke up for contemporary female pop stars in a series of tweets this week.

“i am an artist, a songwriter who’s co written multiple ‘hits’ for myself/other artists, a video director, exec producer of a netflix show, a&r, i run a label, co manage 2 artists,” she wrote. “if I was a man I’d be hailed as some sort of music industry god but as a woman I’m just - doubted??

The 27-year-old said she isn’t looking for sympathy. “i’m just saying it how it is. women in this industry are constantly questioned on their validity... ‘did she REALLY write that?’ ‘can she REALLY produce?’ ‘does she REALLY know what she’s doing?’ i see it all the time."

Fans responded with supportive comments and memes.

Charli XCX added: “any and all female popstars in 2019 are obviously business women: running their own careers, making their own decisions, directing their own teams, proving points, being groundbreaking and making their own art.

“like, this is SO OBVIOUS. don’t insult us.”

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