Music Artists Dominate List Of Highest-Earning Dead Celebs


Nine of the 13 highest-earning dead celebrities are music artists, according to a new ranking from Forbes.

The magazine’s list was compiled based on gross pretax income in the year ending Oct. 1, 2019 using data from a number of sources.

Two murdered hip hop artists made the list largely because of streaming revenues. Nipsey Hussle, who was shot to death this past March, is No. 10 and XXXTentacion, who was killed in June 2018, is one spot behind.

The two deceased Beatles – John Lennon and George Harrison – rank 7th and 13th respectively thanks to reissues of the band’s music and the Beatles-themed Cirque du Soleil show, Love.

According to Forbes, the dead music stars on its list raked in a combined $184.5 million (all figures U.S.) in the past year.

Check out the full list below:

  1. Michael Jackson $60 million
  2. Elvis Presley $39 million
  3. Charles Schulz $38 million
  4. Arnold Palmer $30 million
  5. Bob Marley $20 million
  6. Dr. Seuss $19 million
  7. John Lennon $14 million
  8. Marilyn Monroe $13 million
  9. Prince $12 million
  10. Nipsey Hussle $11 million
  11. XXXTentacion $10 million
  12. Whitney Houston $9.5 million
  13. George Harrison $9 million

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