Neon Dreams Releases Hopeful 'Turn Back Now'


Canada’s Neon Dreams is kicking off the new year with a new song, “Turn Back Now.”

Singer Frank Kadillac said the song is personal because it comes after he watched his mother going through chemotherapy to beat cancer.

“I was amazed at how positive she remained through the entire process,” he recalled, in a release. "It made me realize the power of positive thinking. I wanted to create a song that would help inspire others facing struggle.”

The song came to him while he watched movies, read books and listened to music from his childhood. “I realized they are all heroic. This phrase came up a lot: ‘we came way too far to turn back now.’  I wrote the song based on that concept,” he explained.

“Life can be challenging. This song is important because we all need a reminder every day that it’s ok to feel sad. As long as you don’t give up you’ll make it through. Some people don’t have anyone to tell them that.”

Kadillac and his Neon Dreams partner Adrian Morris were set to warm up crowds this winter on the recently-postponed Canadian leg of The Strumbellas tour.

Check out the video for “Turn Back Now,” which Kadillac co-directed with Alex Gayoso, below:

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