WATCH: Lizzo Gets Spooked In Haunted House


There was lots of cursing (and a little bit of twerking) when Lizzo walked through a haunted house with Ellen executive producer “Average” Andy Lassner.

“I’m 100 per cent that scary-ass bitch,” the singer declared before entering Pandora’s Cabinet of Curiosity at Universal Studios.

In the segment that aired on the Halloween episode of Ellen, Lizzo appears genuinely spooked. At one point she announces: "F**k you, I'm out!"

Lizzo even falls to the ground after one final scare. “Why do they end it like that? My weave!"

On Twitter, Lizzo said the experience was more hell than good. “It looks waaaay less scary than it was... don’t get it twisted... w/out that light it was a nightmare.”

Watch the hilariously horrific fun below:

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