What Moms DON’T Want for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is tough when your mom deserves an entire island but you can only afford a candle. If you’re still trying to decide what to get that special mom in your life this Mother’s Day, one mom has some ideas for you.

Emily Vondracheck shared a video on TiKTok explaining what she and other moms don’t want, including:

  • a heart or flower necklace
  • a random basket of bath and body items
  • anything that says “Mama Bear.”

So, with that in mind…what DO moms want?!

She offers a few gift ideas, including:

  • Look at the books mom has read and research books similar to that so she can have a new story to dive into.
  • Present her with her purse and tell her she can leave the house and do WHATEVER she wants

And if all else fails, she recommends going into mom’s Amazon shopping cart and buying something she’s had sitting in there. 


@thevondyfam If all else fails, access my phone, open my tabs, look at one of the numerous shopping carts I have open and take your pick ❤️ #mothersdaygift #thrillerbooks #walmartfinds ♬ original sound - Emily Vondy


 • Source: Motherly