WATCH: Justin Bieber Challenged With Tough Questions


Will Justin Bieber swallow bull penis or rank his wife Hailey Baldwin's model friends from favourite to least favourite?

On Thursday’s episode of The Late Late Show, the Canadian pop star bravely took part in the stomach-turning Spill Your Guts segment, where celebrities have to answer personal questions or ingest something disgusting.

Host James Corden asked Bieber to rank Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne or eat bull penis. "Alright, alright, alright... Kendall, Gigi, Carla Delevingne," replied Bieber, before explaining that he has nothing against the Hadid or Delevingne – he simply has a better relationship with Jenner.

Corden also challenged Bieber to name the country with his worst fans or drink a shrump-and-chili-pepper smoothie.

Later, he gave the singer a choice between getting his moutache shaved off or eating a spoonful of ant yogurt and half a scorpion. Since the segment was taped before Bieber shaved it off himself, viewers already knew he would choose the second option.

At one point, Bieber looked like he was genuinely ready to throw up after he "got a whiff of something disgusting."

Earlier this week, Bieber appeared in his third Carpool Karaoke segment on The Late Late Show and also served grilled cheese sandwiches from a Yummy food truck.

Watch Spill Your Guts below:

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