Sam East


Sam East is Virgin Radio’s class clown. She is a homegrown Torontonian and has been a member of the Virgin family since 2017. Along with hosting her afternoon show, Sam is a prolific digital content creator. Her Instagram and Youtube channel are home to quirky videos aimed at entertaining and inspiring millennials. Sam can quickly turn an idea about a trending topic into a clever skit. 


At other times, she’s crafting content to teach her audience essential skills, like changing a tire. With her humorous but empowering approach, Sam is her listeners’ cheerleader, encouraging them to thrive in the modern world while showing them the way. 


On air, you’ll hear her discussing pop culture, astrology, local stories and her experiences growing up in a mixed-raced immigrant family. You can catch Sam on Virgin Radio, weekdays from 1:00pm to 5:00pm ET.


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