7 Local Parks for a ‘Social Distance’ Hangout!

Social Dist

With this amazing weather we’re having why wouldn’t you want to get out and enjoy the sunshine!? Socially distant outdoor gatherings have been given the go-ahead so here are 7 parks outside downtown to gather safely at:

1. Camosun Park, Point Grey

The open space at Camosun Park is ideal for some fun in the sun. The park backs onto Pacific Spirit Regional Park with it’s winding walking trails and huge trees.


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2. Trafalgar Park, Arbutus

It’s cherry blossom season and this spacious park has some of the most beautiful cherry blossom trees in the city.


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3. Trout Lake Park, East Vancouver  

Be sure to maintain your social distance from these feathery friends when you visit Trout Lake!


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4. Burnaby Mountain, Burnaby

With scenic views of the city, open green spaces, and walking trails, this is the perfect spot to host a picnic or take a nature walk.


5. Gates Park, Coquitlam

Walking paths and flower gardens surround wide-open green spaces for you to post up with a book, or 6 feet away from a friend.


6. Bear Creek Park, Surrey

Head out to Bear Creek with a few friends or lace up those sneakers and run off that ‘Qurantine 15” with some laps around the track!


7. Iona Beach Regional Park, Richmond

It does not get much more scenic than this hidden gem in Richmond! There’s plenty of space to take a walk along the ocean, or hang up a hammock for a much needed snooze.


If it's not t-shirt weather yet, it’s pretty darn close! Take advantage of the sun being back in our lives at these amazing parks around the Lower Mainland.

*Please check and adhere to changing Provincial and Municipal restrictions before heading out to these parks*