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  • "Jonny, Holly & Nira" Surprise Shoppers as 12 Days of Giving continues!!

    You never know who you're going to run into while Christmas shopping... Nira and Holly of the "Jonny Holly & Nira Show" surprised some lucky shoppers at Guildford Town Centre by paying for their purchases! Check out the hilarious reactions of the unsuspecting shoppers!

  • Teacher’s Pet: Christmas Edition!

    Jonny, Holly & Nira’s Teacher’s Pet is back with a CHRISTMAS edition! Producer Amy asks Christmas trivia questions from behind the camera and Jonny, Holly or Nira have to be the first to three to avoid the dreaded “detention!” Merry Christmas!

  • Young Bombs have a "Better Day" with Host Amy Spencer

    Vancouver's own, "Young Bombs", practice some 'self care' and discuss their new single "Better Day" featuring Aloe Blacc

  • Backstage with Cirque du Soleil Luzia!

    Jonny, Holly & Nira went backstage with Cirque du Soleil's Luzia to learn some tricks from Hoop Masters Melvin & Luke! #JonnyHollyNira #LUZIA @cirquedusoleil @luziabycirquedusoleil

  • Do YOU Like Heart-Shaped Jewelry?

    Holly doesn't understand why Nira hates heart-shaped jewelry... Do YOU like it??? #JonnyHollyNira

  • Build-Off With Bryan Baeumler!

    HGTV's Bryan Baeumler was just in Vancouver for the Vancouver Fall Home Show and stopped by to have a build-off with Holly! #JonnyHollyNira

  • What If They Say THIS Mid Breakup?

    If someone said this to you while you were breaking up with them… Would you still do it? #JonnyHollyNira

  • Bebe Rexha Teaches Jonny How To Pose

    Backstage at her tour with Jonas Brothers... The queen of the carpet herself shows Jonny how to pose like a boss! We love a Bebe moment!

  • #OneChipChallenge

    Jonny, Holly & Nira attempt the Paqui One Chip Challenge... Flame background credit to

  • Would You Clear Your List?

    Research shows that you should "clear your list" before marriage... Would you do it?

  • What Children's Song Would You Choose?

    If you had to audition on The Voice with a rendition of a children's song.... Which song would you pick?

  • Teacher’s Pet: Friends Edition!

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary… It’s the “Friends” edition of Jonny, Holly & Nira’s “Teacher’s Pet!” All players sit with their hands on the table while Producer Amy reads out a trivia question. The first player to put their hand up and answer the question correctly gets a point. The first player to reach three points wins and claims the title of Teacher’s Pet. The other two players then have to go to “detention” and read the winner’s “detention statement” of choice.

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