BC Woman Given a Shock as Sea Lion Jumps ON Her Boat to Escape Hungry Orcas!


The internet is divided over this INSANE video of a sea lion that jumped onto a woman’s boat to try and escape the grasp of a pod of hungry orcas. The woman is (understandably) scared and doesn’t know what to do. She tries to ‘shoo’ the sea lion off of her boat, but commenters on the video are divided on if she should have done more to try and save the sea lion. What do you think?

NOTE: In her shock at what’s happening, the woman uses explicit language in the video.

As stated in another video posted by Maria Martin, this happened in the Broughten Archipelago, a region of the coast between Vancouver Island and BC’s mainland. The Orcas surrounded the boat, appearing to be fully aware of where their lunch was hiding…

The sea lion did not seem to appreciate the ‘circle of life’ argument as a reason to leave the boat. While some people commented that she should’ve just driven away, the woman responded that she was worried about injuring the whales with the boat’s propeller. She appears to have deleted the video and her Tiktok account after the video went viral.

It can be easy to say that saving the sea lion would be the humane thing to do in this situation, but it is the wild after all, and who knows how these massive orcas would’ve reacted to their lunch being shuttled away! Also, look what these ‘wolves of the sea’ are capable, here they are creating their own wave to get a seal off of an iceberg!

We don’t know if the sea lion ultimately got away or the orcas got their afternoon snack, but what an experience! Just another reminder of the incredible wildlife in BC’s waters.