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This fall, thousands of low-income parents are struggling to care for their babies without the vital baby gear they need. They face agonizing anxiety, unable to afford critical baby essentials like cribs, car seats, clothing, strollers, and much more. BabyGoRound is responding - and you can help!


BabyGoRound responds to this urgent crisis by collecting gently used baby gear from families across the Lower Mainland, and connecting quality supplies to parents and babies who need them most.


BabyGoRound is the only non-profit in BC dedicated to providing low-income families with everything they need to safely care for their babies—creating kits of essential baby gear that will last up to two years. By ensuring these gently used supplies stay out of landfills and instead find families facing obstacles, BabyGoRound eases household anxiety, frees family dollars for other obligations like rent, and nurtures the long-term development of babies—creating brighter futures for babies and their families.


You can help struggling mothers and their babies. Donate your pre-loved baby gear today. For drop-off dates and more details, click here.