'I feel like I have everything to lose': Riders' Tevin Jones looks to maintain place on active roster

Wide Receiver Tevin Jones got his first regular season Canadian Football League (CFL) start in week four and will look to continue the momentum against Ottawa.

“We won but I felt like I didn’t do enough. We have a lot left out there and we got something to prove this week,” said Jones.

The Riders topped the Alouettes 41-20 in their second matchup of the season and Jones made 3 catches for 56 yards in his CFL debut.

“I feel like I have everything to lose because me being in this spot means that the whole team is trusting me,” said Jones.

However, the team seems to have already gained trust with Jones. A lot of it has to do with his time in the National Football League (NFL).

“He’s a CFL rookie but he’s got NFL experience. Throwing him a ball, he can use his speed. He’s one of those guys that can move and we’re just trying to get him to not think and just react and use that speed,” said quarterback, Cody Fajardo.

“First of all he’s a great special teams player and it doesn’t seem too big for him. He played in the NFL so you can put him out there and he may not understand everything he’s supposed to do but it’s not too big for him, he doesn’t panic,” said head coach, Craig Dickenson.

“I watch a lot of film on him and I watch him at practice and just parts of his game that you try and pick up and use in your own,” said wide receiver, Mitchel Picton regarding Jones’ game.

Jones was on the active roster behind Picton in week four after Shaq Evans was taken out due to injury. Now the Riders have said Duke Williams is “questionable” against Ottawa due to a hip injury which could mean Jones playing a vital role again come Friday.

“If he (Williams) can’t go, we’ll move Tevin Jones there and then our Canadians just have to play multiple spots. (If Williams is in) Tevin will still see some time with Picton at that ‘X’ position,” said Dickenson.