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Amy Beeman

On-Air | Producer | Virgin Vancouver

Amy has been setting her alarm for 3:45am for over 14 years.

Before moving to Vancouver, Amy was the co-host of a morning show in her hometown of Prince George.

Always in search of challenging and new experiences, Amy has worked as a nanny in London, England, completed an internship with Dateline NBC in NYC and has bounced around everywhere in between.

Amy’s wide range of interests and pursuits include volunteering with Big Brothers, Salvation Army, Cinderella Project, among others and attending theatre and musical productions (thanks to years of dance lessons!). She also enjoys adventurous activities such as running half marathons, skydiving, scuba diving and backpacking around the world. Making sure not to sound too overly ambitious, you may just as easily find Amy relaxing on the couch, watching TV reruns and crying at Hallmark commercials.

Amy’s biggest (and most rewarding) adventure so far has been being Mom to twins Lucy and Sam.