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Jonny Staub

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Jonny is 1/3 of Jonny Holly and Nira on 94.5 Virgin Radio. He likes to think of himself as the “maitre’d of the morning:” he’ll pull out a cozy chair for you any day!

Jonny is a proud 9th generation Canadian, born in a small town in Ontario and now calls Vancouver “home.”  He tries to stay as active & healthy as possible, and has recently gotten back into Crossfit (which he now admits he loves his ‘box’ CF604 in Gastown). Jonny actively trail hikes with his dogs Tacos and Gus, and afterwards makes cuddle puddles on his and Tuna’s giant new couch.​

A couple of random facts – Jonny is bilingual in English and French; when he travels, he brings all the trashy magazines; and owns 3 tool boxes so that he can do all of his own home decorating. Jonny is obsessed sneakers, pick up trucks, daytime TV, small venue concerts, Stevie Wonder/Earth Wind & Fire albums and the colour green.

You can also find Jonny MC’ing various events around the city including those for his favourite charities A Loving Spoonful & Thank Dog I’m Out.