How to Stay Social While Isolated

Being stuck at home isn’t exactly ideal for our social lives. However, we don’t have to abandon them completely. Here are some ways to stay connected while at home.

1. Have a ‘Zoom’ Party

Think of it as hosting a party without the hassle of cleaning up or buying cups! Invite some friends and set up a ‘Zoom’ call which lets you host video conferences with numerous people at once. For some added fun, put a green screen behind you and change the background to a different destination, although don’t make it too convincing or you may have to be self-quarantined!

2. Watch shows with friends

Miss watching shows with your friends? Instead of watching alone, you can setup a Netflix Party (a Google Chrome extension), use Watch2Gether to watch YouTube, or simply start a Whatsapp chat as you enjoy the show. The best part? You won’t have to share any of your snacks!

3. Meet your neighbours (from a respectable distance)

Being at home might be a great opportunity to meet or chat with your neighbours. Depending on your living situation you may be able to chat with them from the balcony or the hallway. As long as you maintain acceptable ‘social distance’ this could be a great way to expand your social circle during these strange times. For an example of Social Distance done right, check out this community workout in Seville, Spain!

4. Join a “Live” on Social Media

Celebrities and musicians have made a trend of streaming “Live” on their social media channels recently. John Legend and Coldplay are among the musicians who have performed for their social media audiences. Keep tabs on your favourite artists and engage with the online community as you watch these awesome (and free) shows.

5. Make a dance video

In the words of LMFAO: “Everyday I’m Shuffling”. Gyms are closed and we are spending way too much time on the couch anyways, might as well dance! Challenge yourself to learn new some dance moves, who knows, you might even become TikTok famous!


Hate doing whole body videos because my feet are too small for my body!! Who else is size 6 aus🥴😂

♬ Stupid Love - Lady Gaga

6. Start a Study Group

Want to learn something new? Oxford Universities have just made over 700 of their course textbooks available online, for free until May! Recruit some friends and start your own study group on a subject of your choice.


Staying connected is a great way to help pass the time and feel less isolated from your loved ones. Although we may not be able to hang out near friends, in our world, no one is ever too far away!