Jean Up- BC Children's Hospital Foundation


Jeans Day has evolved into something way bigger: a month-long movement in May called Jean Up. The Jean Up movement is about changing the very meaning of wearing jeans to be a symbol of what one stands for—helping kids get out of their hospital gowns and back into their jeans. It’s also gone fully digital, which means it’s easier than ever for people to take part from their own homes.

To get involved, donate online here, and then pick a day, week or even the entire month of May to wear your favourite denim. Supporters are encouraged to post selfies in their jeans on social media to show their support of BC’s kids. Don’t forget to tag @bcchf and use the hashtag #JeanUp—​and for those on Instagram, be sure to search “Jean Up” in the GIF area to add your virtual sticker to your selfie.