Megan Thee Stallion Promises New Music 'When I'm In A Better Place'


Megan Thee Stallion has said she currently isn’t focused on making new music.

“Fans can expect new music when I’m in a better place," the rap star told InStyle. “Right now, I’m focused on healing.”

Megan said her physical and mental health has to come first.

“The music and entertainment industry can be a grind,” she explained., “so it’s important to take time off and avoid burning out. Life is all about balance.”

Megan's sophomore studio album Traumazine, which came out last summer, included the track "Anxiety." She rapped: "Issues, but nobody I could talk to about it / They keep sayin' I should get help / but I don't even know what I need."

In April, Megan opened up about her mental health struggles after she was shot by Canadian rapper Tory Lanez in 2020.

“The truth is that I started falling into a depression,” she wrote in an essay for Elle. “I didn’t feel like making music. I was in such a low place that I didn’t even know what I wanted to rap about. I wondered if people even cared anymore.

“There would be times that I’d literally be backstage or in my hotel, crying my eyes out, and then I’d have to pull Megan Pete together and be Megan Thee Stallion.”

The 28-year-old star said she was finished talking about what happened that night with Lanez, who is awaiting sentencing.

“I understand the public intrigue,” she wrote, “but for the sake of my mental health, I don’t plan to keep reliving the most traumatic experience of my life over and over again.”

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