Jung Kook Says He Misses BTS & Looks Forward To 2025 Reunion

Jung Kook Zane Lowe

Jung Kook has been everywhere of late, promoting his brand new solo album, Golden, and in a new interview with Apple Music's Zane Lowe, he expresses his desire to reunite with the rest of BTS when they return in 2025.

“Preparing as a solo artist and also working as a solo musician… there were times where I really missed [being in the group],” he tells Lowe. “When I was in the waiting room or standing by myself on stage or eating with the staff. We were always together for so many years that I felt the void of them not being next to me. You know, I miss them. And I was thinking about them.

"So I suppose that year could seem far away, but I don’t want to think that way," continues. "I think the synergy of BTS in 2025 will be incredible. I am so looking forward to it.”

Jung Kook also speaks about going solo and how the other members helped him find himself as an artist outside of BTS.

“I think there certainly was a special privilege for being the youngest [member] and I had a lot of help in ways that I may or may not know,” he says. “And the members are such nice people. I think I took a lot of great things from them. I got so much help from all six of them, it allowed me to grow to where I am today.”

Lowe also asks Jung Kook what else he could see himself doing professionally as a career, of which the possibilities seem endless.

“I think I could possibly see myself going into design or drawing somehow, or go into sports," he says. "I liked drawing since I was a child. I definitely want to study drawing sometime in the future. I have a weak spot for creative work. I really want to try it out myself someday.”

Watch the whole interview below.



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