Nira’s Favourite ‘One Hit Wonder’ and 7 More to Listen to Again!


We can sometimes take artists who put out multiple hits for granted, but those artists who make one hit, an then disappear, show us just how difficult it is to stay at the top. Well today is ‘One Hit Wonder’ Day, the day to celebrate those artists whose first big hit ended up being career defining! 

Nira’s favourite ‘One Hit Wonder’ is the timeless “Ice, Ice, Baby” by Vanilla Ice, What’s yours?

I still remember the school dance the purple frilled skirt and black over the shoulder crop top I was wearing when the boy I had a crush on came to the dance dressed just like Vanilla Ice and we danced to Ice Ice Baby together.  Oh- and then as I’ve become a mom- I’ve taught the lyrics to my children because I turned Ice Ice Baby into a lullaby- its part of our bedtime routine!” – Nira 


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Here are 7 more of our favourite 'One Hit Wonders':

1. Somebody that I Used to Know - Gotye

Internet conspiracy theorists think Gotye wanted this to be a One Hit Wonder all along. Think about it, now they’re just… ‘Somebody That We Used to Know’… Whoa, deep.


2. Cheerleader - OMI

If there was a list for ‘catchiest’ song of all time, this should make it. Maybe OMI never had the sustained commercial success that many artists strive for, but hopefully he was able to find his real-life ‘Cheerleader’!

3. Let Her Go – Passenger

The pinnacle of success for the band ‘Passenger’, this was one of those “What song is this!?” tracks that almost everyone loved! If you’re only going to have one hit, it might as well be a massive one! This song has over 2.8 BILLION views on YouTube!

4. Like a G6 – Far East Movement

A song that made everyone google what a ‘G6’ is (a plane), this was THE song to get the party going back in 2010!


5. Ridin - Chamillionaire

Remember when “grillz” were a thing? Chamillionaire’s ‘Ridin’, was released back in 2006 and the video shows the classic rapper ‘swag’ of the time.

6. Move Ya Body – Nina Sky

Identical twin duo ‘Nina Sky’ will definitely bring back the nostalgia with this track that was everywhere back in the day!

7. Rude – Magic!

It would be ‘rude’ not to include this One Hit Wonder from Canadian band “Magic!”, if this didn’t have you singing along “I’m gunna marry her anyway!” in the car you just weren’t doing it right!

These classic songs really bring the nostalgia, what songs do you think will be 'One Hit Wonders' in 2020?