Paramore Reacts To Assaults During Concert


Paramore issued a statement Wednesday following reports that a man accosted several women during the band’s concert in Utah on Tuesday night.

“We were made aware of an incident that happened in the crowd while we were on stage,” read a message shared via social media. “A man physically and verbally assaulted multiple women, including an engaged couple at our show. Our security team and venue staff were made aware and were able to restrain and remove him.

“We did not realize this was happening, as the incident took place out of view from stage. Had we seen any of this happening, we would have stopped the show until the situation was under control.”

The statement went on to say the band does not condone “violence, homophobia, or bigotry of any kind. It is supremely unwelcome in our community and has no place at our shows.”

Paramore performed at The Great Saltair in Magna, about 23 km west of Salt Lake City, on the second night of its North American tour. The lone Canadian date is Nov. 7 in Toronto.

“To the fans who were hurt by or who witnessed what happened last night, we are so sorry. We hope that you know we will always do anything we can to protect you and make you feel celebrated.

“To make things as clear as possible: Paramore shows are meant to be a safe place for people. If you can’t respect that, do not come.”

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