How well do you know the Jonas Brothers?

Take the quiz: Jonas Brothers

Think you are the Jonas Brothers #1 fan? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. What year did the Jonas Brothers first form?

  2. What song of theirs became the 34th song in history to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100?

  3. How many years did they split up for before reuniting again in 2019?

  4. Name this song: “I’m slipping into the lava, And I’m trying to keep from goin’ under”

  5. Which brother was also part of the group called DNCE, who released the single “Cake by the Ocean” in 2015?

  6. What US state were they raised in?

  7. What Disney Channel Show did the brothers make their acting debut on?

  8. What was the name of their own Disney Channel show?

  9. Who is the youngest Jonas brother?

  10. Name this song: “He told me he built a time machine, Like one in the film I’ve seen yeah”