Sam Smith Reveals They Had Hair Transplant


Sam Smith has revealed they underwent hair transplant surgery.

“I haven’t actually spoken about this before…'cause I don't actually feel like I have anything to hide, but I was losing my hair,” the 28-year-old singer said in a video for Vogue. Their hairdresser suggested looking into getting a hair transplant.

"I went to Ireland," said Smith, "and I have had a hair transplant."

Smith added: "It's nice to have hair. But, also, if I was bald, I would still own it, too, because bald is beautiful."

The revelation came after Smith shared their daily skin care routine, which involves a long list of products – and the music of Beyoncé.

They also reflected on wearing make-up every day as a teenager and then embracing it again after officially adopting gender-neutral pronouns last year. “I started falling in love with make-up all again,” they said.

Smith said their beauty icons are their mom, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.

"Gaga is probably the reason why I actually came to terms with my gender," they said. "I was 15 when The Fame came out and I was obsessed with Lady Gaga. She gave me complete permission to be myself and to be proud of my queerness."

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