Simple Plan Jumps On Popular TikTok Challenge


Simple Plan has jumped on a popular TikTok challenge that has breathed new life into a song it released 18 years ago.

The Montreal band has launched its own TikTok account so members Pierre Bouvier, Chuck Comeau, Jeff Stinco, Sebastien Lefebvre, and David Desrosiers can participate in the #ImJustAKid Challenge, wherein families recreate childhood photos set to the chorus of Simple Plan's song of the same name.


Throwback to before ##ImJustAKid was a TikTok song 🤣🤪 And these green screens we got on Amazon... best money we ever spent 🤑 ##imjustakidchallenge

♬ I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan

“It’s definitely a little ironic to go viral in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, but we are so grateful for every family, sibling, kid, parent, couple and animal-owner who’s taking part in the #imjustakid challenge,” read a statement from the band’s members.

“In the midst of all the chaos and bad news in the last two months, as we sat confined in our homes like the rest of the planet, it’s been magical and kind of mind-blowing to watch a song we wrote almost 20 years ago take a life of its own and bring families and friends together from all over the world.”

“I’m Just A Kid,” the debut single from Simple Plan’s first album No Pads, No Helmets… Just Balls, has experienced more than a 1000 percent surge in global streams in the last two months, according to Warner Music Canada. The challenge has generated more than 3 million videos on TikTok that have racked up more than 2.7 billion views.

“We’re so happy our song could be the soundtrack to so many special memories and make you smile,” read Simple Plan’s statement.

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