11 Ideas to Celebrate a Very Different Valentine’s Day This Year!


February 14th is around the corner and if you have survived quarantine with your significant other, that is cause for a celebration! Celebrate safely with these 11 ideas for an at-home Valentine’s Day!

1. Bae/Staycation

Vancouver hotels are taking safety precautions and many are offering local packages. Enjoy a staycation with your “bae”, like Fairmont YVR’s Vacation to Nowhere!


2. Virtual Cooking Class

Participate in an online cooking class, or channel your inner “Barefoot Contessa” and pretend to host your own cooking show! Click here for some locally taught classes.


3. Have an Indoor Picnic

Unless you’re an outdoor enthusiast with a serious rain jacket, a picnic in February won’t exactly sound appealing. However, you can stay warm and have an indoor picnic instead. Break out a nice bottle of wine and a cheeseboard, and imagine it’s summer as you lounge out in the living room!


4. Order Takeout

Dine Out Vancouver is back, and there are many takeout options available this year! With over 300 locations taking part this year, there’s a good chance your favourite restaurant is on the list.


5. Indulge in Dessert!

Everyone deserves a little extra sweetness this year! Whether baking your favourite dessert, or buying a heat shaped box, don't forget the chocolate! The Hot Chocolate Festival is also running until Valentine’s Day so you can indulge in some hot cocoa goodness.


6. Bring out your Inner Artist

The Vancouver Art Gallery is a great spot for a new Valentine’s Day tradition. Admire the art exhibits safely at the gallery, or check out these fun at-home activities.


7. Get Fancy!

Go ahead get fancy in that outfit you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get dressed up and pretend things are a little more normal than they are.


8. Romantic Walk

There’s a reason our city is the backdrop for all the Hallmark movies! It’s beautiful! Bring out those “main character” vibes and take a romantic city walk. For added effect head back home and get comfy watching your favourite rom com.


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9. Have a Zoom double date

You've probably spent ALOT of time with your significant other this year. Brighten up your Valentine’s Day and join your favourite couple friends virtually for a double date. Or ‘third wheel’ if you’re single!


10. Map out a Future Vacation

Ok, so you probably won’t get to take this vacation for a while, but at least when you do you’ll have everything planned out! Find maps, look up the restaurants you want to check out, and make a budget. By the time you get to take this trip maybe you can even learn the local language!


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11. Create a Scrapbook

Been meaning to put together all those pictures from past adventures?? Make it a Valentine’s Day project! It’s a great chance to reminisce and create something unique.


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Do not let the pandemic take away another special occasion, celebrate this unique year in a unique way. If you are reading this while single, don’t fret! All of these ideas can absolutely be done solo! Treat yourself and make 2021 the year of you! Happy Valentine’s Day!