5 Abandoned BC Ski Hills You May Not Have Heard Of!

Forbidden ski resort

With the crowds and traffic at local ski hills this year, you might be wondering what an abandoned ski hill even looks like! Over the years, BC has seen popular ski locations shift. Before corporate owned resorts became the norm, many were simple family owned hills. Here are 5 abandoned BC ski hills you might not have heard of:

1. Forbidden Plateau Ski Hill

Visitors began skiing at this Courtenay, BC hill as early as the 1920’s! The hill got it’s first rope tow in the late 1940’s and was the first mountain on Vancouver Island to get a chairlift, back in 1972. However, due to competition from Mt. Washington and rising costs, it eventually ceased operations in the early 2000’s, leaving behind a few relics of the past. There is still a Facebook group hoping to restore Forbidden Plateau back to it's former glory.


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2. Mackenzie Diamond Head

Brothers Emil and Ottar Brandvold built a chalet near Mt. Garibaldi in the 1940’s, and operated it as a base for backcountry skiing until the 1970s. BC Parks now owns the site, and it is referred to as Elfin Lakes. This area might not be so quiet for long! A massive ski resort has received preliminary approval for development in the Garibaldi area.


3. Lytton Ski Club

Local residents of Lytton formed the ski club in 1968. However, due to declining membership, and high insurance premiums, the club was disbanded by 1987.


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4. Morning Mountain Ski Area

The ski hill just west of Nelson, began operations in 1974 with the installation of a T-bar lift. However, over the years many factors affected the skiing, most importantly, lack of snow! Morning Mountain was eventually closed in 1997. The area is now a regional park.


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5. Lac Le Jeune Ski Ranch

 Operating from 1947 to 1992, Lac Le Jeune once attracted over 2000 visitors a day during winter events. The Kamloops attraction offered both downhill and cross-country skiing and was a popular weekend destination as well.

These once popular ski destinations in our province are now left largely abandoned, could you imagine this ever happening to your favourite hill?!

Reminder: Public Health officials have advised to avoid non-essential travel during this time.