5 Places for a Romantic Walk in Vancouver


Whether you’re celebrating love, or simply looking for some fresh air, here are the most romantic places for a quiet walk!

1. Sunset Beach Park

Looking for a perfect ‘long walk on the beach’?? Breathe in the cool ocean air at Sunset beach! If your partner needs a little ‘nudge’ this Valentine’s Day, guide them to the engagement sculpture. Or, just keep leaving jewellery store websites open on the computer browser…


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2. Pacific Spirit Regional Park

You’ll feel like you earned a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner after a walk through this Point Grey park! Lace up the adventure boots as you walk through the forest with your partner. The trail ends at Spanish Banks beach, a perfect place to post up and draw ‘hearts’ in the sand! (Or just play tic-tac-toe)


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3. Hadden Park

Around the corner from Kits Beach, Hadden Park offers city views and tranquil surroundings. Observe the handcrafted beauty of the Centennial Totem Pole which has stood in Hadden Park since 1958. Impress your date by knowing some of the history of the park. For example you could say: "Did you know this park was gifted to the city in 1928 by Mr. Harvey Hadden, a real estate investor from London?" (You're welcome)


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4. Queen Elizabeth Park

There are over 1500 trees from across Canada at this stunning South Cambie park! Take your loved one for a stroll through the majestic grounds and marvel at the many different public art displays. Have your own ‘movie moment’ by running through the Dancing Water fountains!


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5. John Hendry (Trout Lake) Park

Show your partner what a ‘catch’ they are with a picturesque stroll through Trout Lake! As if the trees and lake weren’t romantic enough, the mountains cascade in the background of this gorgeous park.


‘Love is in the air’, and in Vancouver, the air couldn’t get any sweeter! Happy Valentine’s Day!