5 ‘Rain-couver’ Clichés About the Rainy Weather!


Although we’re used to seeing a lot of rain in Vancouver, we’re not used to not being able to talk/complain about it in casual conversation. Whether filling the silence in elevator rides or while waiting for a meeting to start, Vancouverites love talking about the rain, here are some classic Vancouver rainy-day clichés to cope with the weather.

1. “But… it’s almost summer!?”

Rain can strike at any time in this city, regardless of season. Yet, somehow, we are always surprised by it! Vancouverites should just start carrying around umbrellas, no matter what the forecast says that day.


2. “The sidewalk is a giant puddle…”

When torrential downpour hits, it can turn everything into a giant puddle. That means dodging cars that can spray gross rain water on you and inevitably, wet socks! Yuck.


3. “Are they biking in this??”

Vancouver’s cyclists are never deterred by the rain, and non-cyclists (like myself) are always amazed at how they will bike in anything!


4. “Looks like the sun is coming out!”

Are you even a Vancouverite if you’re not also a part-time meteorologist? We’ve all got our own system for reading the clouds and predicting what weather we’ll get next.  


5. “I miss the rain!”

This might be a controversial take, but when we haven’t had rain in a long time, we secretly miss it. We’ve all got a bit of Phyllis Vance’s enthusiasm for the rain, even if we don’t want to admit it!

One cliché you don't often hear is "save it for a rainy day", probably because we get so many! Luckily the forecast is calling for some sunshine in the next few days, but in Vancouver you just never know!