5 Rainy Day Activities to Keep the Winter Blues Away!


In case you haven’t looked outside recently, it rains a lot here, and we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves Vancouverites if we didn’t complain about it! However, there are still ways to stay entertained when it’s cold and grey out. Here are 5 Activities for these rainy Vancouver days!

1. Bloedel Conservatory

Take a walk through the covered Bloedel Conservatory and enjoy over 500 exotic plants and flowers, all while staying dry! Don’t forget to look up! Many beautiful free-flying birds roam the sanctuary from above.   

Note: This venue requires pre-booking please check the website for more details. 


2. Go-Karting

Take your need for speed off the city streets and onto the racetrack. Socially distance from your bubble as you leave them in your dust and grab that checkered flag!


3. Virtual Wine and Paint Night

Host your friends without having to pull out the fancy wine glasses, or change out of your sweats! Many local artists are offering virtual paint nights you can participate in right at home.


4. Science World Winter Activity Pack

The go-to place for kids in Vancouver, Science World is now offering winter activity packs for a fun-filled time at-home! Investigate how solids and liquids interact, or learn the science of light with these activities that only require simple household items.


5. Learn at Home with the BC SPCA

Bake your own dog biscuits, make your own pet toys, and learn how to train your pet all from the free resources on BC SPCA’s website. The animal-lover in your house will love engaging with these online activities!


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These fun rainy day activities will have you singing “Rain, Rain… come back!” Ok, maybe not quite that, but at least it will make the day a bit less gloomy!