5 TikTok's to Kick the 'Blue' Out of Blue Monday!


Monday, January 18th is ‘Blue Monday’, known as the gloomiest day of the year. It's been considered a dreary day because the high of the holidays are over and New Year’s resolutions have faded. However, do not let that get you down! There’s always room for positivity, especially today. Take a brain break with these 5 TikTok's sure to make your Monday brighter!

1. “You can be strong and soft”

Listen to these words of wisdom from local photographer Sara Boychuk. The incredible views do not hurt either!


You got this. #Wee #pnw #Winterized #mountains #hiking #pnwlife #photographer #winterhike #bcphotographer

♬ Roslyn - Bon Iver & St. Vincent


2. Dance it out!

Taking the request of one of his followers, @Legendaley breaks out the dance moves with our pretty city lights in the background.


Vibe with me in front of BC place at night? 😎 #vancouver #vibes #VibeWithMe #ReplyToComments

♬ biggie pamper - DJ AyJayy🤘🏽

3. Nature is the Best Medicine

Today might be ‘Blue Monday’, but it’s far from a gloomy day out! Just when we needed the sun, it showed up! Head outside for some self-care in the fresh air today.


Anyone else have an Existential Crisis on your hike today? Same #vancouver #imfine #croissant

♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic


4. It’s the Simple Things

This dog is a whole vibe! The audio from Marley & Me with the dog living his best life has got to hit you right in the feels!


Why dogs are the best ❤️ #goldenretriever #foryou #fyp #hikingadventures #canada #vancouver #britishcolumbia #dogsoftiktok

♬ marley and me paris.beal - paris beal


5. Laugh it Off

You have to wonder what’s going through the seagull's head here: “Oh, so i'm the only one squacking? Quiet bunch aren't you!?”


no new friends nonono #vancouver #canada #piday #safehands #fyp #animals #bird #driftaway #imaboss

♬ Nonstop - Dallin and Bella

Hopefully, these TikTok’ers helped put a smile on your face. Choose today to have an amazing day! Happy "Blue" Monday!



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