5 Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day This Year


Yes, we are all tired of the ‘new normal’ we’ve been forced to accept. However, there are only a few more socially distant celebrations left before we can gather again. Embrace it, and stay in the ‘green’ this St. Patty’s Day! Here are 5 ways to celebrate the day this year:

1. Party at the Park

While the rest of Canada freezes, we’re getting ready to hang outside in this double digit weather. Gotta love BC! Since Provincial restrictions have been eased to include gathering (from a distance) outdoors, we can head out to a park and celebrate St. Patty’s day! Many parks have turned their field’s green in celebration of the big day…


2. Make Your Own Shamrock Shake

It’s not St. Patrick’s Day without themed treats! If you’re not a Guinness fan, whip up your own delicious shamrock shake instead. Check out this recipe.


3. Themed Virtual Cocktail Class

Get a group of friend’s together and learn how to make some exciting cocktails (or mocktails). Virtual classes are offered through Zoom for a fun St. Patrick’s Day celebration. As an added bonus, you won’t be far from your bed for a little snooze afterwards!


4. Learn an Irish Jig!

This is the obscure party trick that will keep on giving, every St. Patty’s Day at least. It’s the perfect year to learn a traditional Irish dance so you can show your excitement when things go back to normal!


5. Go Green!

Of course, St. Patrick’s Day is the day to wear green. But, why not take it up a notch? Make your whole day green! Eat green foods, watch movies with ‘green’ in the title, and reduce your energy usage to be more eco-friendly.


There are plenty of ways to be festive safely this year! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!