5 Ways to ‘Get Creative’ At-Home Over the Holidays!

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Whether you’re looking for a creative way to spend a virtual wine night, or you want to keep the kids busy without using a screen, these local craft stores have what you need! Here are 5 places to get creative with your time at home over the holidays!

1. Pottery-To-Go from Bella Ceramica 

The staple Vancouver pottery store is offering creative kits with mugs, figurines, and planters that you can paint at home!


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2. Cookie Decorating Kits

Make your delicious holiday treats extra appetizing by turning them into a work of art. Sugar Vancouver is one of the many bakeries offering cookie decorating kits!


3. Gingerbread House Kits

You can create your own Gingerbread village! Just be sure the Gingerbread people stick to their own (delicious) houses!

 4. Collage Collage Craft Kits

The inspiration for your own Etsy store starts here! Choose from a variety of craft options like the Holiday handmade ornament, or stuffed animal sewing kits.  

5. Urban Source Arts Parts Kits

If you ever watched ‘Art Attack’, these are the kits for you! Urban Source let’s you put your imagination to the test with these unique ‘Art Parts’ kits for any creative project.

These take-home kits are the cure for your at-home boredom. Make something cool and brag to your friends about it. Check out this hamster obstacle course for some inspiration!


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