6 Local Bakeries You Need in Your Life!

Livia Sweets

Put the mixer back on the shelf, these local bakeries have all the treats you need without any of the hassle. Here are 6 bakeries you need in your life!

1. Beaucoup Bakery

From croissants to turnovers, this popular kits location has you covered for any baked craving. Be sure to get there early as this is definitely not a well-kept secret!

2. Small Victory

With a third location set to open in Brentwood, this is quickly becoming the city’s favourite bakery. With fresh coffee and sandwiches, it’s also a great lunch spot!

3. Whole Foods

There’s grocery store bakeries, an then there’s Whole Foods. The grocery chain does not mess around when it comes to the bakery aisle. Don’t miss out on the ridiculously decadent lemon cake.

4. Thomas Haas

This “Haas” to be one of the most celebrated bakeries in the city. If you haven’t tried their almond croissant you’re missing out on one of the most delicious treats you can find!

5. Purebread

With all the different varieties of cakes, you’ll find every excuse to celebrate every quarter, half, and ‘almost’ birthday! With three Lower Mainland locations, you won't have to book a Whistler trip to indulge in the famous treats from Purebread.

6. Livia

Self described as a “small bakery filled with joy and carbs”, that’s exactly the vibe you’ll get with one of the places that makes Commercial Dr. so awesome! Don’t miss out on their daily featured sourdough breads.


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Every day is cause for celebration at these delectable local bakeries. Check them out, or don’t, more for the rest of us!