6 (of the many) Times Norm Macdonald Had Us In Stitches!


Legendary Canadian comedian Norm Macdonald passed away at the age of 61, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Norm fought the disease in private, keeping his diagnosis out of the spotlight. The comedian always had us laughing with his unorthodox style, and deadpan delivery. Here are 6 (of the many) moments Norm had us rolling with laughter.

1. His Take on Cancer

Of course Norm would have a funny take on the disease that took his life. He could have you laughing at even the most serious of topics.


2. Late Night Talk Show Wit

Norm could bring the laughs in any late night scenario, his world class wit was on full display in this hilarious clip from Conan O’Brien in the 90’s.


3. Norm as Burt Reynolds on SNL

Macdonald will be remembered fondly for his time on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update. However, how could we forget this iconic sketch of ‘Burt Reynolds’ playing Jeopardy?

4. Interview on CTV’s Question Period

Question Period host Joyce Napier interviewed her brother-in-law on CTV. However, Norm was a popular guy and answered his phone while live on the news show.

5. TV Cameos

He was a writer on ‘Roseanne’, and made many appearances on TV shows. Here is a hilarious clip from ‘The Middle’.

6. Last comic to perform on David Letterman

His friendship with David Letterman spanned decades and Norm was granted the honour of being the last comic to perform stand-up on the David Letterman show.

Rest in peace Norm Macdonald, an immense talent whose voice will be dearly missed!