6 Times the Internet Showed Us How To Social Distance!


If we saw any of these ideas circulating the internet a few months ago, we would probably laugh them off like another ridiculous ‘Shark Tank’ pitch. However, given the current situation, these are not quite as ridiculous as they may seem!

1. DIY Social Distancer

If you think people hog the sidewalks now, wait till they’re wearing these! A Toronto man created his very own Social Distancing device to demonstrate how hard it is to keep your distance on the sidewalk.


2. Re-Purposed Pool Noodles

This Surrey principal may have just done something here… Great idea, just beware of pool noodle tag, turning into pool noodle fencing!


Pool noodles are apparently a popular choice for social distancing. Next thing you know, they’ll be sold out too!

3. Measuring Tape

Pops is taking no chances at the grocery store as he pulled out the measuring tape to make sure people are keeping their distance. This is a good idea to keep 6 ft. away from the dessert section as well!

4. ‘Keep Your Distance’ Pole

The NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans mascot, ‘Pierre the Pelican’ demonstrates a pole device to keep your distance. You could create a DIY version, using a common broomstick. For added effect, dress up as a Harry Potter character while using the broom, and put a ‘spell’ on anyone who gets too close!



5. Social Distance Robot Dog

His name is “Spot” and he’s been deployed to public areas in Singapore to remind people to keep their distance. Now that's one 'anti-social' dog!

6. “The Social Distancer” Machine

Two entrepreneurs in Quebec have teamed up to create a machine that warns you if you're getting too close to your co-workers. The concept is for work environments, but you could also use it when you need a break from your kids or significant other!


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Even during social distancing, the internet stays undefeated! The 'new normal', may not be ideal but we can still find ways to be entertained (from 2m apart).Stay safe!