7 BC Campsites to Pitch-a-Tent at This Year!


Don’t hit the snooze button on Monday! The BC Parks website officially opens for campsite bookings bright and early on Monday, March 8th at 7am PST. Expect a busy website! If there are two things everyone in BC does, it’s complain about the rain, and overload the Discover Camping website as soon as it opens!

Bookings can be made 2 months in advance of your arrival date, so if you want to book on May 21st, you can only book starting March 21st. You must be a BC resident to book a provincial campsite. On July 7th, bookings will open for Canadians outside BC. Check out the BC Parks post below for some super helpful tips! For example, did you know using multiple devices won’t actually help you get ahead in line, and can actually slow you down?


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If you’re lucky enough to get access to the booking portal, but then think: “Now what? Where should I go!?” Don’t panic! Here are 7 stunning campsites where you definitely won’t regret pitching-a-tent!  

1. Alice Lake – Squamish, BC

Squamish is full of scenic places to explore, including Porteau Cove, Paradise and Squamish Valley, and Alice Lake. Just under an hour away from the city, this is the perfect, not-too-far getaway.


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2. Golden Ears Park – Maple Ridge, BC

One of BC’s most treasured and popular Provincial Parks, Golden Ears Park has all the best features of an outdoor getaway. Due to its popularity, it’s one of the first places to be booked up, so be sure to plan ahead.


3. E.C. Manning Park – Manning Park, BC

Manning Park features four drive-in campgrounds, and backcountry options for more experienced campers. There are also many hikes ranging from short walks to long treks.


4. Rolley Lake Provincial Park – Mission, BC

Mission’s Rolley Lake is the ideal spot for a weekend getaway. Campers can hike, swim, or simply ‘kick back’ in the forest. You can even go against the advice of 90’s R&B group TLC, and chase some waterfalls!


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5. Sasquatch Park – Harrison Hot Springs, BC

With pocket lakes and scenic mountain ridges, this aptly named park is your best hope at a wild Sasquatch sighting!


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6. China Beach – Juan De Fuca Park – Sooke, BC 

While camping this close to the ocean, you might even make some new marine mammal friends!


7. Goldstream Park – Langford, BC 

Goldstream Provincial Park features spectacular hikes, ancient trees, and magnificent waterfalls, and its only 30 minutes from Victoria.


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With all the natural beauty in BC, you will wonder why anyone ever leaves for a vacation!

*Note: Please be sure to adhere to all provincial guidelines and COVID-19 protocols when visiting BC Parks.