7 Romantic ‘Shot in Vancouver’ Movies to watch this Valentine’s Day


Fall in love with the city all over again by watching these classic movies shot in our own backyard!

1. Fifty Shades Trilogy

Considering all the different ‘shades of grey’ skies we get, it’s no surprise that Vancouver was the perfect location for this movie. The risqué romantic films may be known for… other things, but for Vancouverites, the real thrill is seeing all the different city locations used throughout filming! Some areas you might recognize include Gastown, UBC, and Coal Harbour.

2. The Twilight Saga

Our city is home to some pretty ‘wild’ creatures but most of us didn’t realize that included vampires and werewolves! The Stephanie Meyer fantasy romance book-to-movies became a cultural phenomenon and Vancouver got a front row seat. Filming locations included Gilley’s Trail in Coquitlam, Parthenon Park in West Vancouver, and David Thompson Secondary School.

3. Juno

Juno was originally an Indie film made on a shoestring budget with no expectations of mainstream success. Jennifer Garner had even taken (what was expected to be) a paycut by agreeing to be paid based on how the movie did as opposed to her usual A-list salary. The film ended up being a surprise box-office hit and racked up 4 Oscar nominations, winning Best Writing, Original Screenplay in 2008. Locations you may recognize include Coquitlam Centre and Eric Hamber Secondary School.

4. John Tucker Must Die

The premise of this romantic comedy follows three high school girls plotting revenge against playboy John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe). In true 2006 fashion, Ashanti plays one of the plotting women in what turned out to be a pretty hilarious teen comedy. Most of the movie was shot at Heritage Woods Secondary with scenes at Spanish Banks beach as well.

5. She’s the Man

2006 must’ve really been the year of the high school romantic comedy in Vancouver as “She’s the Man” was also released. Arguably Amanda Bynes’ crowning achievement, the actress plays a talented soccer player who disguises herself as her twin brother to play on his soccer team and ends up falling for her boarding school roommate. No, you can’t make this up, oh wait, yes you can! Locations included Vancouver Technical Secondary, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, and Vancouver College.

6. Always Be My Maybe

The Ali Wong Netflix movie is set in San Francisco, however no Vancouverite was fooled by the movie’s clever ploy. Popular local destinations were featured throughout the movie. Places you may recognize include the Biltmore Cabaret, The Roxy, and Chinatown.

7. Hallmark Movies… A lot of them

With Vancouver’s scenic location, it’s no wonder the famous greeting card company loves shooting their romantic Christmas movies here! The films get some slack for what some may call “cheesy” storylines, (there’s even a Hallmark movie drinking game) but titles like: A December Bride, Finding Santa, and Hitched for the Holidays continue to be fan favourites!


Honourable Mention: Sleepless in Seattle

No, Sleepless in Seattle was not shot in Vancouver. However, not mentioning THE most iconic romantic comedy movie of the genre would’ve left me… well… Sleepless! Besides, most Vancouverites have at least made a day trip down to Seattle and would recognize the many city backdrops featured in the film including Pike Place Market and Seattle-Tacoma International airport.


Whichever title you choose to watch be sure to pair it with a glass of red wine, a box of chocolates, and Google Earth… (To scout out romantic spots in Vancouver for your very own ‘movie’ moment!)